Subsidy consultancy

Management of grant projects

An external team of grant specialists will take care of all paperwork that is necessary to obtain grant funds and includes:

  • Preparation of a grant application and all relevant annexes, including, but not limited to, a project plan, financial analysis and time schedule;
    All communication with the authorities concerned during the application preparation and approval process;
    Assistance in preparing and checking the tender for a project provider;
    All paperwork during project implementation, in particular a payment application, continuous and final monitoring report, etc.

Preparation of feasibility studies

A well-prepared feasibility study provides the client with the following benefits in particular:

  • A presentation of different project solutions, their evaluation based on several criteria and a recommendation of an optimal solution;
    A detailed, clear and understandable description of the given issue, including reference projects;
    A project implementation schedule, including key milestones and risk identification and mitigation;
    Help with project management and quality assurance, if required by the client.

Preparation of cost-benefit analyses

We will help you to turn the non-financial benefits of your projects into money, while taking into account the societal benefit of your project.

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