Value-added tax

Our main priority in this area is to help our clients, who sell goods and services in the Czech Republic and abroad, with claiming VAT, to satisfy and interpret all requirements in compliance with applicable legislation and to improve our clients’ cash-flow.

Our services in this area include:

VAT verification

We verify whether or not our clients correctly claim VAT as part of their business activity both for provided and received services and whether or not they can claim VAT deductions.

Advisory services

We provide different advisory services concerning VAT, assess specific appropriate business alternatives and, if necessary, make recommendations, including their potential tax implications in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Risk analysis

We perform risk analyses concerning VAT and meeting obligations with respect to the tax administrator.

VAT abroad

We register and deregister our clients for VAT in other countries, file VAT returns and other reports in cooperation with the local office and prepare and file tax refund requests.

VAT compliance in the CR

We prepare VAT returns, control reports, summary VAT reports and reports for Intrastat.

One Stop Shop

We prepare and file VAT returns for all the regimes within One Stop Shop (OSS) and set up processes for the correct reporting of transactions.


We perform VAT audits based on our clients’ request, including a review of the correctness of basic transactions with an impact on VAT or transactions typical for our clients.

Analyses of relevant business activity

We provide major help in analysing a relevant business activity to identify potential tax risks and to set up the correct claiming of VAT.

Excise and energy tax

We provide advisory services regarding excise and energy taxes.


We provide advisory services regarding customs duty in trading with third countries.

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