Financing infrastructure projects

Financing infrastructure projects is a key component for the implementation and development of the energy and transport sectors. We understand how challenging it is to decide if and how to invest in new technologies, expand existing energy systems, renewable energy technologies and implement energy efficiency measures.

At Grant Thornton Advisory, we help our clients first assess if and how their intention is feasible. We will then propose a suitable form of implementation, either from our own resources or through loan solutions with banks (including the EIB). Our experience includes setting up complex financing solutions, for example in the form of Public Private Partnership (PPP) or using the system of subsidy instruments of the EU and other institutions.

We specialize in navigating the complex and administratively demanding process of obtaining a grant for your project, from the first draft of the business plan to the successful receipt of the Grant Decision. Grant management is handled by our in-house team of professionals who guarantee the timely submission of a complete application in the required form and with all the requisites.

Our services:

Technical and strategic consulting

We provide expert advice on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, including the selection of optimal technological solutions for individual projects. We conduct comprehensive feasibility studies aimed to describe all the benefits and risks for investing in selected technologies, understanding that individual technologies cannot be viewed as stand-alone entities, but as part of a client’s ecosystem.

Analysis and evaluation of projects

We perform financial analyses, both in terms of global market analyses and specific investment plans. We frequently prepare basic business plan models, ROI calculations and cash-flow analyses or cost-benefit analyses so that our clients have a clear and realistic understanding of the potential returns and risks of their projects.  

Financial and subsidy consulting

We help clients to identify and use appropriate financial models for investment plans, we specialize in preparing investment plans for negotiations with investment funds, banks, European institutions such as EBRD or EIB. We are able to find suitable subsidy opportunities for the selected investment project at the national and European level. 

Preparing and submitting applications

We assist with the preparation of the application including the necessary annexes, cost-benefit analysis and economic evaluation of the project, project budget and identification of eligible expenses. We can guide you through the entire application process and subsequent project administration. For this purpose, we have an entire team of experienced professionals Naviga Advisory and Evaluation.

Project management and implementation

After obtaining funding, we provide support during the implementation of projects, whether it is a Public Private Partnership (PPP), where we have experience in managing the set financial model and setting up a system for controlling the planned obligations of the parties, or ensuring the process in the management of projects supported by EU funds, where we have set up a methodology of communication with the provider of the subsidy, regular reporting of the budget and all the details of the subsidy title and submission of payment applications. We also ensure adherence to timelines, budgets and legislative requirements.