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Reminder of deadlines in state energy support

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The New Year is here in full force, and in addition to wishing you well, we would also like to remind you of the approaching end of the filing deadlines for receiving state energy support. Today we present only a brief overview, we wrote about the matter in greater detail here.

The last opportunity to secure the capped prices and provide your electricity and gas trader with a declaration in accordance with the relevant annexes of Regulation No. 298/2022 Coll., on the determination of electricity and gas prices in an exceptional market situation, is approaching. In a transitional provision, the government has extended the January deadline to 15 days after the entry into force of the regulation, compared to other months, so the final deadline is 16 January. The declaration shall be delivered to the trader in a single step by means of an electronic system, a data box or in the form of a data message with a recognised electronic signature, or in paper form. If you miss the deadline, you can submit your declaration at any time, but the discounted price will not apply until the following month. We would also like to remind you that this type of support no longer applies only to SMEs, but also to large enterprises and others that did not meet some of the criteria for classification as SMEs.

Another deadline to keep in mind is 8 February, when applications for subsidies under Call 1 of the Support Programme for the increased costs of natural gas and electricity due to the exceptionally steep rise in their prices close. The call concerns large companies, for which price capping was not originally envisaged. We wrote about the subsidy program in greater detail here.

The government wasted no time over the holidays and prepared new regulations and proclamations regarding energy support. We will inform you about the relevant ones in due course. Until then, we remain available for any questions.

Author: Veronika Odrobinová, Olga Králíčková