Telco Professional Services

We are an expert in telecommunications across Europe.

At Grant Thornton, we specialize in comprehensive analyses of the regulatory environment and technology trends, from which we develop expert recommendations and strategies for clients, including the creation of complex models and product design. The Strategy and Digitalization (SDI) team is a leading expert in consulting services for the telecommunications sector across Europe. Our team has been involved in a number of strategic decisions for both national and multinational regulatory authorities (NRAs) and commercial companies on the market.

Spectrum auction and spectrum valuation

We support clients in the complex setup of auction conditions and auction management, including spectrum valuation and setting minimum prices and auction format (SMRA, CA, CCA, etc.). At the same time, we support clients with spectrum valuations for allocation renewals or spectrum fee reviews, including one-off fees for regulatory services.

Network sharing, ex-ante regulation and market analyses

Working with regulatory authorities, we have revised market analysis methodologies, designed and defined SMP in the market, including defining remedies and assessing their impact. We have analysed network sharing contracts for the European Commission, including a calculation of network sharing impacts (CBA).

Broadband development and state policy support

We have been supporting the Czech market in the development of broadband (NGA and VHCN networks) for a long time, defining conditions and rules for subsidies to NGA and VHCN networks. At the same time, as part of national and international projects, we support ministries and regulatory authorities on the topics of spectrum management, harmonization of laws (electronic communications code), review of postal licenses and, for example, digitalization of TV (transition to DVB-T2). An integral part of this is the creation of partial analyses of spectrum use and the proposal of recommendations for future development, for example within the 600 MHz and 6 GHz bands.

Regulatory costing, WACC calculation, cost modelling

We design and implement LRIC/LRIC+ and Pure LRIC models for both regulatory and operator specific needs. We design systems for auditing separate cost and revenue records, including annual audits of output reports. At the European level, we deliver cost models for the regulation of broadband services, calculating wholesale prices within real network topologies. We have created a network sharing model for the Czech market as part of the 5G auction commitments in the Czech Republic.

Expert support on 5G and PPDR topics

We are a key supplier of 5G Usability Analyses for cities and regions in the Czech Republic. We support clients in their search for potential within 5G as well as spectrum options for the future development of 5G on the Czech market. At the same time, we propose to clients strategies for the future development of PPDR services to ensure state security, suggesting technical options for development within commercial and dedicated networks.

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