New Energy

The energy sector is undergoing significant changes, whether due to regulation or changing customer needs. Our team specialises in supporting companies in the energy sector to transform towards a more sustainable and efficient model. The new energy includes renewable sources of energy, e-mobility and the integration of modern technologies and smart grid concepts. Smart grids enable efficient management of energy flows, using digital technologies to collect and analyse data and optimise business models using, for example, power balance services. This leads to optimised energy distribution, increased energy efficiency and reduced transmission losses. An important part of the new energy theme is the development of community energy, focusing on local and community-based approaches to energy production and consumption. Decentralised community energy is possible due to a combination of the use of modern technologies and smart grids together with the integration of renewable sources. 

With our expertise in the energy sector, we can help you open the door to these innovative solutions.

Our services

Feasibility studies in the energy sector

We conduct comprehensive feasibility studies for energy projects, helping you to comprehensively assess the viability, efficiency and return on investment of your project. We identify risks to implementation and propose mitigation measures.

Developing a strategy

We develop strategies for successful implementation of new energy solutions to keep your company at the forefront of energy innovation. We can set the direction, set ambitious goals and propose measures to achieve them.

E-mobility consulting

We provide consulting in the field of electromobility, set strategies for the transformation of corporate fleets, define a strategy for our clients to fully exploit the potential of this modern and sustainable approach to transport and keep up with the times.

Community Energy Consulting

We help cities and municipalities as well as private associations to efficiently manage and use their energy resources, introducing modern solutions for community energy.

Optimizing energy commodity trading

We specialize in managing commodity positions related to energy production or consumption. We will help you adjust your trading strategy and set up a business model that will increase your profitability while maintaining your acceptable level of risk.  

Energy flexibility and support services for transmission system operators

We offer consultancy in the field of energy flexibility management. We will propose a price optimization that will allow you to maximize the profit from the management of flexible production resources or minimize the costs associated with flexible energy consumption. We also specialise in cases where this flexibility is provided to transmission system operators in the form of support services.