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Jiří Dvořák | March 21, 2023

Subsidies for training your employees available again

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The newly announced call within the framework of the Operational Programme Employment Plus called Corporate Training is intended for all types of enterprises from all regions, where they can apply for funding for the training of their employees. The main objective of the support is the further professional training of employees, specifically the implementation of training courses related to the development of knowledge, abilities and skills required for performing a particular profession. Only digital skills training and compliance with statutory standards are exempt from support.

Eligible recipients can receive between CZK 1 and CZK 6 million for their training activities. The rate of support ranges from 85% in the least developed regions, over 70% in the more developed regions, to 40% in Prague. The subsidy is intended for the actual training courses as well as for the reimbursement of the personal costs of the trainees and the related administration through the so-called unit costs, which compared to the past will also mean a significantly lower administrative burden in the subsequent implementation of their own projects.

The projects are expected to be implemented from March 2024 for a maximum of 24 months. Projects can be implemented throughout the Czech Republic and the target persons of the project can be employees or cooperating self-employed persons of enterprises of all sizes.

All types of business entities with a history of at least one year can receive support under the currently announced call, always for the training of their employees. It is possible to support existing and established training programmes, to finance their planned expansion or, for those who do not yet have systemic training within their company, to use the subsidy as an impetus for its introduction.

Author: Jiří Dvořák