Comprehensive legal advice on energy.

Energy, especially renewable energy, has faced an uncertain legal environment in the last decade. At the same time, however, it conceals incredible investment potential and thus constantly attracts new interested parties. Thanks to their extensive experience with dozens of projects in the energy sector, our lawyers can safely guide you through this field.

Our team has represented investors, owners and sellers of energy sources. It has assisted them in structuring energy groups and advised on the promotion of electricity generation from renewable sources. It has also represented them in communicating with regulators and in their proceedings – both in issuing and changing licences – and in disputes with them.

Our Services

  • Due diligence reviews, acquisition, sale and financing of energy sources (including renewable sources).
  • Advice on the issuance of licences for the operation of electricity sources and their changes.
  • Representation before the Energy Regulatory Office, the State Energy Inspectorate, OTE and the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
  • Advice related to the promotion of electricity production from renewable energy sources and its problematic aspects.
  • Support for the creation of energy structures (e.g. island systems, structured relationships between electricity generators and consumers) and their restructuring.
  • Advice on entering into service and other operating agreements.

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