Mergers & Acquisitions

We have extensive experience from many Czech and international projects.

Mergers (including other transformations) and acquisitions are tools for growing a business, expanding into new markets, consolidating positions or restructuring groups. On the other hand, they can also be a means of exiting the market, monetising an investment, raising funds or finding a successor for your business.

Mergers and acquisitions are very common on the market. However, it is not advisable to underestimate it, beacuse a potential mistake can have serious consequences and non-experts can often be overwhelmed by incomprehensible legislation. Even an acquisition with pre-arranged and seemingly clear terms (even due to a somewhat hostile relationship between the parties) may lead to misunderstanding or inadvertent outcomes. Not even speaking about situations, when financing, public regulation or subsidies come into play.

Our team has extensive experience with transformations and acquisitions gained from many Czech and international projects. We will work with you to determine how to best structure the transaction in the most favourable way and in a manner that does not interfere with your funding, subsidies or public permits. We will conduct a due diligence review of the subject of the transaction (whether a company or asset), represent you or support you in dealing with the counterparty, and prepare or review all transaction documentation. In the transaction, we will become a partner that you can rely on.

Our Services

  • Negotiating, preparing, reviewing and assessing transaction documentation.
  • Support and representation in negotiations with the counterparty.
  • Due diligence of acquisition targets (assets and companies).
  • Assessment of the impact of the transaction on financing, public permits, subsidies, etc., and negotiating the terms of third-party cooperation in the transaction.
  • Advice on structuring the transaction and finding the ideal solution.
  • Advice when setting up and modifying a holding structure.



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"I have been cooperating with GT Legal's lawyers for a long time and to my utmost satisfaction. In addition to providing highly professional work, they have a great approach to their clients and an extraordinary ability to explain everything clearly"

Jan Rančák 

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