Personal data protection

Grant Thornton Czech Republic respects your privacy and undertakes to retain your personal data acquired through the online data system and not to distribute them to third parties without your consent or use them for any other purposes.  With regard to the fact that some links in the online data system are to external websites, which are not directly related to our company, Grant Thornton accepts no responsibility for protection of data on these websites.

Grant Thornton Czech Republic undertakes to do everything in order to ensure protection of personal data and the privacy of the users of its websites.

In order to prevent unauthorised access to the personal data acquired, their revelation and unintentional use, we act in compliance with the respective technical and organisational regulations on personal data protection. Grant Thornton Czech Republic cannot rule out the the possibility of data misuse, because the Internet remains an unpredictable medium despite safety precautions and communication protocols.

Cookies and their use on our website

What are cookie files?

Cookies are files that save website settings. Websites store cookies in the devices that users use for access to the Internet, in order to be able to identify them later and save their settings. Cookies enable websites to identify devices, if users have visited them already; more advanced applications may use cookies to adjust individual settings. Storing of cookies is managed only by the browser used by the user. It is possible to limit or deactivate storing of cookie files as needed.

What do cookie files serve for? 

Cookies are necessary for smooth provision of online services; without them the most common electronic services would be impossible. Cookie files facilitate and accelerate interaction between users and websites.

By using cookies, websites are able to register user preferences, which enables us to adjust websites to our users for the most efficient and pleasant use.
There are many reasons for using cookies. They are used for storing data about websites (details about website adjustment), to support provision of online services (e.g. webstores), they also help us collect statistics about users, their preferences, the number of website visits etc. They help us estimate the efficiency of our websites in this way. You can find further information about the recommended and permitted use of cookies on our websites in the instructions under this link.

List of cookies on our websites

Name of the Cookie




1 year

Stores user choices


During the session

Identifiers of the user's sessioon

Google Analytics




2 years

Google Analytics
records difference between users and sessions


 30 minutes

Google Analytics
records a new session or a new user


 6 months

Google Analytics
stores traffic soource of the visit


 During the session

Google Analytics
records the time duration of the visit

The cookie files used by our website do not collect personal data that would enable your personal identification and they cannot harm your computer, tablet or smartphone. Cookies support the functioning of our websites and help us understand, which specific pieces of information are the most beneficial for users.


By using this website, you consent to the website storing cookie files in your computer or mobile device. 
Control and removal of cookies

If you wish to change the way your browser uses cookies (including their blocking or removal), you can do so using a suitable change of settings. Most browsers enable users to accept or reject cookie files, to accept only a certain type of cookies or to warn about a website wanting to store a cookie file. You may also simply erase the cookies stored by the web browser. If you change or remove the browser folder containing cookie files or you change or upgrade the browser itself, you may need to switch off cookie files again. The way, in which cookie files are manager or removed, differs depending on your browser. If you need assistance, you will find further information in the help section of your browser.

If you do not wish to be monitored using the Google Analytics service, click here.