Accounting and economic advisory

We contextualise our advisory. provide our advisory in context We provide comprehensive economic and accounting advisory, which also includes methodological issues.

Preparation of individual and consolidated financial statements

We prepare individual and consolidated financial statements and handle procedural and accounting-methodological issues.

Expert accounting advisory and accounting methodology

We focus on accounting methodology and solve problematic accounting issues, starting with standard consultations all the way to comprehensive dealing with specific problems. We prepare proposals of accounting procedures and implement them into accounting

M&A advisory

We provide comprehensive advisory and auditing services for transactions with companies, including company transformations.

Advisory in financial regulations

We provide advisory in financial regulations, in particular we prepare reports for the regulator and implement internal guidelines to meet regulatory requirements. We also review the fulfilment of regulatory measures.

Handling and managing company finances and accounting

We handle and manage company finances and accounting and take care of emergency situations in the economic section. We perform financial analyses and handle cost management and managerial accounting.

Advisory during company liquidation

We can arrange for the winding up of your company, including the necessary accounting and tax steps.  If the owners of a company come to the decision that they no longer wish to continue its operations, one solution is to dissolve the company with liquidation. We offer our clients comprehensive or partial liquidation services including acting as liquidator, legal and notary services and related accounting and tax advice during the liquidation process. The advantage of providing these services under one roof is the continuity of the individual steps of liquidation and the cooperation of professionals who have a common goal, which is to maximize the liquidation balance and removal of the company from the commercial register without undue delay.

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