„It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

Warren Buffett

Regulations and obligations, dynamically changing risks inside and outside the organization, effective design and management of processes and their integration into the overall corporate culture are constantly evolving.

Compliance is (not only) about all of this. The field gradually becoming established in companies of all sizes and in its ideal form it can be loosely defined as trying to do things right, even when no one is looking.

We are a partner to our clients in diverse situations and in solving seemingly trivial and highly complex problems. But they have one thing in common – the desire to be as close as possible to, or embody, the best industry practice. Whether with regard to meeting regulatory requirements, managing risk and preventing malpractice, or finding a solution to a situation that has already occurred.

Our services

Design, development and implementation of compliance management systems (CMS)

In the context of constantly evolving regulation in various areas (AML, cybersecurity, non-financial reporting) or approaches of supervisory institutions (Prosecutor General’s Office, Office for the Protection of Competition), the need for companies to take a comprehensive approach to compliance, taking into account both compliance with legislative requirements and the setup and practical functioning of internal processes relevant from the perspective of public sector bodies, financial institutions or a number of other stakeholders, is increasingly more evident.

We assist our clients throughout the entire process of systematization of compliance management, from the design of individual processes and rules, through the creation of specific directives and control measures, to the actual implementation of the created system in practice and its incorporation into the corporate culture of the company.

CMS certification according to ISO 37301 and 37001 industry standards

Are you seeking certification of your compliance system according to internationally recognized industry standards?

We assist our clients in securing ISO 37001 (anti-corruption management systems) and ISO 37301 (compliance management systems) certification audits. In preparation for certification, we are available to the client at any time, whether in terms of consultation or identification of specific steps necessary to meet the requirements of the certification audit.

Benchmarking and gap analyses

While you take compliance into account in your organisation, would you like to know where you stand within your industry and against best practice?

We provide our clients with a comprehensive analysis of the state of their compliance and anti-corruption systems and their comparison with best practices in general and within a specific sector. We map selected processes, identify weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. We will thoroughly describe individual cases of non-compliance and propose solutions, including prioritization within the overall compliance management or anti-corruption issues.

Training and communication

Do you need to “introduce” compliance at your company? Do you care about quality and professionally guided training for your employees or co-workers in this area?

We have experts with many years of experience in compliance and with internationally recognized professional qualifications. We provide our clients with both basic compliance training designed for broader teams in the organization, as well as advanced, professionally focused workshops suitable especially for compliance officers or compliance managers, but also managers of risk management, AML or other related agendas (ESG and non-financial reporting, cybersecurity, TOPO prevention and others).

Business Intelligence and Due Diligence

Do you need a comprehensive due diligence of a specific legal entity or an individual? Do you suspect a conflict of interest or collusion by an employee, business partner or anyone else?

We have conducted hundreds of investigations in jurisdictions spread across the globe. Based on a consultation with clients, we design and then implement a specific type of clearance depending on the type of person, depth of investigation and geographic targeting. In addition to the specified person, we also perform a relational network analysis and identify other potential stakeholders. We put all findings into context in relation to the client’s needs. In addition to open sources, we also use and analyse information available through our extensive network of operational sources. If necessary, we also carry out local inquiries.

Third-party control systems

Do you vet your suppliers, clients or business partners?

In light of evolving domestic and European regulation (e.g. NIS2, CSRD), organisations are being increasingly challenged in terms of rigorous screening and registration of diverse third parties.

We assist our clients both in the design of the third-party control system itself and in the implementation of the proposed processes in practice.

Our approach also includes a proprietary technology solution enabling effective management, communication and recording of performed and planned inspections, including an ongoing statistical overview of the condition of the entire system.

Forensic audits and forensic technologies

Are you looking for assistance, guidance or complete implementation of a forensic audit?

We have extensive experience in the provision of large-scale forensic audits of various focuses, whether it is the examination of public contracts, the identification of conflicts of interest or internal investigations of fraud or other misconduct.

We cover and supervise the entire audit process. We consistently analyse, record and archive all secured data using state-of-the-art technologies. The entire process is thoroughly documented with a view to using the findings in subsequent steps (e.g. investigations by state security forces or in court proceedings).