Real estate

We have a deep and long-standing knowledge of the real estate market and market standards.

We have a profound knowledge of the real estate market and market standards spanning many years, which allows us to understand not only the legal aspects but also the business side. For our clients we are able to negotiate the most favourable terms of the transaction. We have advised individuals and legal entities on changes in legal relationships to immovable property, including the transfer of ownership, lease contracts, easements, liens or enforcement orders, and therefore we know very well what principles should be followed.

Our lawyers provide comprehensive advice on structuring real estate transactions, working effectively with technical experts and understanding the technical aspects. We know the inner workings of the Cadastral Authority and registration proceedings, and often assist clients with applications for registration in the Land Register. We are also familiar with less common issues, such as land consolidation or the functioning of the State Land Office.

A wide range of clients have benefited from our expertise, including banks, financial institutions, manufacturing plants, shopping centres and private individuals. If anything goes wrong, we can effectively defend your rights in court proceedings.

Our Services

  • Purchase and sale of real estate (purchase and sale of apartments and houses, non-residential premises, industrial and retail premises, other complex real estate units).
  • Preparation and negotiation of rental and leasehold agreements.
  • Preparation and negotiation of other construction-related contracts (works contracts, supervision and cooperation contracts).
  • Legal due diligence of the status of real estate.
  • Legal support in the implementation of development and brownfield projects.
  • Legal advice on land division and consolidation and on the construction, alteration and removal of buildings.
  • Establishment and cancelation of easements (including easements of use or utility networks).
  • Encumbrance of real estate (liens, pre-emptive rights, reservation of property and other arrangements).
  • Representation in administrative proceedings, including zoning and building proceedings.
  • Representation before land and cadastral authorities.
  • Representation in real estate related litigation.
  • Agricultural land – purchase and sale, leasehold.



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"For me, working with GT Legal means receiving a level of service that others in the Czech Republic could stand to learn from. They communicate complex and opaque legal concepts in a way I can easily and quickly understand. What I appreciate most is that in the course of our cooperation we have moved from being business partners to friends"

Jan Skovajsa

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