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Jiří Dvořák | April 21, 2023

How to benefit from the programme for employee training? We can advise you

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OP Employment plus: Corporate Training

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs has announced a call for applications for support under the Operational Programme Employment Plus – Corporate Training.

What is the aim of the call?

The call is aimed at educating employees throughout the country to promote the adaptation of workers, businesses and entrepreneurs to change, active and healthy ageing and a healthy and suitably adapted working environment with regard to health risks.

When can applications for support be submitted?

  • The receipt of applications opened on 20 March 2023 and will run until 16 June 2023.

Project implementation time?

  • The maximum duration, for which the applicant is entitled to plan the project, is 2 years.
  • The latest date for completion of the physical implementation of the project is 31 May 2026.

What are the supported activities?

The subsidy is provided for the implementation of vocational training of employees – the implementation of training courses related to the development of knowledge, abilities and skills required for the performance of a particular profession, with an emphasis on supporting people over 55 years of age. Support is intended for example for:

  • courses in soft and managerial skills,
  • language education,
  • technical and further vocational education.

Who can apply for a subsidy?

  • Individuals or legal entities, who are a registered entity in the Czech Republic.

What is the form and amount of support?

  • The subsidy is granted ex post.
  • The support rate is set at 40–85% depending on the region.
  • The minimum amount of eligible project expenditure is CZK 1 million. The maximum amount is CZK 6 million.

Grant Thornton Advisory applies a complex and systemic approach in the area of subsidy consulting. We deal with management of the project portfolio from the perspective of possible subsidy opportunities.

Subsidy analysis

  • Thorough grant screening that compares the client’s portfolio of potential projects against current and anticipated funding opportunities.
  • The analysis focuses on Czech as well as European subsidy programmes, as well as on other types of financing (such as for example loans).
  • The analysis is addressed with an agile attitude, with workshops with the client being organised in the meantime, where the options and possible alternatives for how to approach the projects are discussed.

Consultation and monitoring

  • The subsidy analysis will specify potential projects, priorities and action steps.
  • Subsequent consultations and monitoring according to the specified action steps will be resolved operatively by means of monthly reports according to the needs and schedule of the projects and the subsidy calls.

Submitting an application

  • At the time of the decision to submit applications for the given project, we will provide complete preparation of the application including supplements, communication with the provider and we will define the necessary cooperation on the part of the client (such as for example the preparation of project documentation, permits, energy assessments etc.)

Subsidy administration and public procurement

We also offer additional services following a submitted application:

  • Preparation of change requests, payment requests, implementation reports, communication with the donor and, after project completion, sustainability reports.
  • All supported projects must also be addressed from a public procurement perspective. In case of need, it is possible to arrange support in this area as well.

In case you are interested in subsidies or preparing and submitting project applications, we are at your service.

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