Circular economy

Modern approaches to waste management and the principles of circular economy represent a modern paradigm of raw material and waste management that focuses on sustainability and minimising environmental impact. A key element is the shift from a linear model of waste consumption and disposal to one where raw materials and products are designed to be reused. The overall approach to waste management and the circular economy creates a sustainable framework that minimises the loss of value of materials, promotes efficient use of raw materials, at the same time reducing negative impact on the environment.

Our consulting services in the field of waste management and circular economy will help you to manage your waste cost-effectively and sustainably.

Our services include

Waste management feasibility studies

We can help you analyse and assess the feasibility, efficiency and profitability of waste projects and plans to implement elements of the circular economy.

Optimising waste management

We will perform a comprehensive analysis of your operation in terms of waste and propose optimization measures, which we will also help you implement. 

Legislative Due Diligence in the field of waste

We provide thorough Due Diligence on waste legislation, and help you put measures in place to comply with all regulations and standards and avoid fines.

Outsourcing a waste manager

Do what you do best and leave the worry of maintaining and continuously improving waste management system to those who are professionals in the field. We can help you maintain and develop your waste management system, including regular reporting.