Appraisals of movable assets

Movable assets represent the second most important part of fixed assets of most companies. We can appraise the value of all types of movable assets and, just like in the case of real estate, can prepare a complete portfolio of different potential values, depending on the appraisal purpose. Just like in the case of real estate appraisals, the portfolio of our clients is very broad and includes individuals, legal entities, state-owned entities, local governments and courts.

We can appraise both the value of all types of movable assets and the rent or lease of movable assets and also provide other services requested by you (e.g. calculate the additional useful life of an asset, provide background information to optimise operating costs, etc.). We use general internationally recognised procedures to appraise movable assets, which allows us to consider not only the market specifics of the given segment but also the specifics of the appraised movable asset, such as its technical condition, real useful life, obsolescence, etc. We will be happy to provide our services to you as well.

We appraise:

  • Production machinery and equipment, including robots and manipulators;
    Industrial production lines and equipment;
    Production systems as a whole;
    Power supply equipment;
    Passenger cars and trucks;
    Other transport means and equipment;
    Other movable assets - furniture, workshop equipment, inventory, etc.


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