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Jiří Dvořák | June 1, 2023

Contributing to meaningful projects never gets old, says Jiří Dvořák

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A new LNG station has opened in Modletice. Trailer-trucks can refuel using liquefied petroleum gas in seven locations in the Czech Republic. Grant Thornton played an important role in the realisation process. “We provided subsidy services, i.e. everything from the preparation of the necessary documents through the submission of applications to the actual administration of the drawdown of funds during implementation,” explains Jiří Dvořák and adds that he enjoys participating in similar projects not only pro

“It is always wonderful to see the specific materialization of a project, in which hundreds of people have been involved for several years,” says Dvořák. The construction of the filling station in Modletice was co-financed by the European Union under the Operational Programme Transport. The same programme has also supported a station in Kozomín. Their common goal is to contribute to the decarbonisation of transport. Liquefied natural gas represents one of the routes that is in line with the environmental policy objectives of the Czech Republic and the EU and that enables the strict emission criteria for road freight transport to be met. Another, even cleaner phase for the future is the transition to bioLNG, i.e. gas from, for example, food residues and bio-waste.  

Although LNG is a relative novelty in the field of road freight transport, three to four already come to Modletice daily to refuel, Martin Vohánka, CEO of Eurowag, said at the opening ceremony. He is betting on a greener alternative to diesel, despite the fact that the European Commission is very strict in the context of gas and has no long-term plans to support fossil fuels. However, the vision of switching to bioLNG has the potential to “bring gas back into play”.