Appraisals of real estate

We provide our clients with a comprehensive portfolio of real estate appraisal services. We appraise real estate as part of a company’s appraisal or separately. Based on our clients’ request and the appraisal purpose, we are able to appraise any potential value category for all types of real estate and different time horizons. Of course, we also appraise property rights to real estate, e.g. construction rights and easements.

We appraise:


All types of land and land use

We will appraise for you construction, agricultural and forest land as well as more unusual land, such as water body land, railway land, strip mine land, etc. We can determine a requested value or find out a price specified in a special regulation, etc., depending on the appraisal purpose.

Residential housing – family homes and residential buildings

We will be happy to offer our services if you need an appraisal of your family home or residential building. Our appraisal will take into account all pricing parameters of your real estate, i.e. not only the standard parameters, such as location, technical condition and size, but also any potential existing lease, co-ownership and other specifics of your real estate.

Industrial complexes, administration buildings and amenities

Appraisals of companies often include the appraisal of their operation buildings – administration, production or other types of buildings and complexes. We will be happy to provide you with a comprehensive appraisal of this type of real estate, which includes its inspection, an assessment of its technical condition, a calculation of potential revenues, etc. and can be done separately or as part of a company’s appraisal.

Civil engineering structures and external works

Civil engineering structures and external works are usually appraised as part of a group of real estate. However, if you need to have these rather specific buildings appraised separately, do not hesitate to contact us since our portfolio of services also includes this type of appraisal.

Development projects

Appraisals of development projects during each phase of their construction are crucial not only for their potential financing but also for acquisition negotiations. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need an appraisal of any development project in connection with its time schedule and cash-flow or consultations for the preparation of a cash-flow proposal based on the key parameters of your project.

Appraisals for investment companies and funds

A significant and ever-increasing percentage of our real estate appraisals includes appraisals prepared in compliance with Act no. 240/2013 of Coll., on investment companies and investment funds. We will be happy to prepare for you an appraisal or a price study to determine the actual value of any type of real estate.

Rent and lease

Our real estate appraisals also include a rent or lease appraisal. We typically provide these appraisals e.g. for the purposes of regulating the relationship between associated entities, calculating the value of easements or setting up construction right parameters. Should you need this type of appraisal, do not hesitate to contact us.

Construction rights, easements and servitudes

Construction rights are a recently renewed institute, and this is why appraisers and experts are not often sure how to appraise them. Our company has a methodology for appraising construction rights at their different stages, based on the parameters specified in a construction right contract, etc. If you are looking for experts to appraise construction rights or easements, we will be happy to make an appointment with you.

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