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Richard Knobloch | September 5, 2023

Extraordinary autumn VAT deadlines

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With the autumn approaching, there are two important VAT deadlines – for VAT refunds and the creation or change of a VAT group.

VAT refunds in the EU – 30 September 2023

If you paid local VAT in 2022 on goods or services bought in an EU country and you use such supplies for your business, you can claim a refund. Most often these are invoices for hotels, entrance fees to congresses, exhibitions, fairs, fuel, etc. The deadline for applications for 2022 invoices is 30 September 2023, after which no applications will be granted. The application must be submitted electronically via the portal of the Czech tax administration. We will be happy to discuss the refund with you and help you prepare your application.

VAT group – 31 October 2023

Are you considering creating a VAT group (or changing it) to be registered from January 2024? The main advantage of a VAT group is that its members do not invoice each other including VAT, one return and control report is filed for the entire group and one, total, tax liability is calculated. The deadline for applications or any changes to existing VAT groups is 31 October 2023, if these changes are to take place from 1 January 2024 (otherwise creation/changes will not take place until 1 January 2025). We will be happy to discuss with you the advantages of a VAT group, possible savings, suitable settings, prepare the registration itself and related recommendations, especially in relation to business partners.

Author: Richard Knobloch