Audit of financial statements

Our audit does not focus only on confirming the information in the balance sheet and the profit and loss account but also on identifying weaknesses in order to help your business grow.

Audit of financial statements

Our high-quality audit helps to increase the credibility of your reported information. Our statutory and contractual audits are performed in compliance with the International Auditing Standards and the guidelines of the Chamber of Auditors of the CR. We audit financial statements prepared based on Czech and international reporting standards.

Audit of consolidated financial statements

We audit consolidated financial statements in compliance with Czech or international accounting standards for a group of companies as well as consolidation packages for the group’s auditor.

Review of the use of subsidies

We provide grant recipients with an audit of grant draws, which verifies certain facts related to the given grant program.

Review of financial statements/interim reports

Reviews effectively verify key information, using a reasonable amount of time and funds. In addition to regular financial statements, we review interim reports in compliance with legislative requirements.