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Daniela Riegel | March 21, 2023

New social security contracts

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On 1 March 2023, a new Treaty between the Czech Republic and Bosnia and Herzegovina on social security, published under No. 12/2023 Coll., entered into force and an implementing document published under No. 13/2023 Coll., was negotiated for its application. 

On the same date, the Treaty on Social Security between the Czech Republic and Mongolia published under No. 10/2023 Coll. and the implementing document published under No. 11/2023 Coll. entered into force. 

The Treaties shall apply, irrespective of nationality, to all persons who are or have been subject to the laws of one or both Contracting States and to other persons deriving their rights from such persons. The treaties, among other things, regulate in a standard way the determination of legal jurisdiction, i.e. the fact that a gainfully employed person (including a self-employed person) covered by the treaty will be subject to the insurance of the state, in which he/she has his/her place of work, prevents the exclusion of the person from insurance or possible double insurance from the same employment activity. 

Author: Daniela Riegel