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| January 5, 2024

Grant Thornton Appraisal services will now be led by Mr Poborský. It is time to change the status quo and expand into new areas

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The successful period of our company Grant Thornton Appraisal services, which now primarily focuses on performing appraisal activities, is reflected in its growth on both the client and the turnover axis. This entails new work challenges, but also increased staffing requirements. As of 1 January 2024, František Poborský has assumed responsibility for ensuring that the company continues to meet the growing demand of its clients, as managing partner.

Tomáš Brabenec, a member of Grant Thornton Board of Directors and until now the only partner at Appraisal, commented on his appointment as the group’s new partner: “It is time for the status quo, in the form of development and management of the largest appraisal office in the Czech Republic by one partner, to be changed. I am convinced that this will be the main impetus for its stable future and the development of its team.”

“František, in my opinion, is a true professional with extensive experience in the field, a wide range of expertise, organizational skills and a steadily growing client base. František holds an appraisal licence in economics. I have no doubt that he will be successful as a partner,” adds Tomáš Brabenec, revealing his intention to expand into new areas.

“As part of the established portfolio of Appraisal clients and services, and indeed our entire GT Group, we have decided to take a step in a new direction. This will constitute the establishment of a closed-end fund of qualified investors. I believe that the expansion of our service portfolio will lead to a more comprehensive satisfaction of our clients’ needs,” says Tomáš Brabenec, adding his personal congratulations at the end.

“What pleases me about František’s engagement at Grant Thornton is that he symbolizes our internal philosophy of retaining professional and reliable colleagues for the long term and creating an environment for their career growth. I would like to thank him for his commitment so far and congratulate him on his success.”