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| August 9, 2022

We are the main partner of the University of Economics in Prague

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As of August 2022, we are deepening our long-term cooperation and becoming the main partner.

Our company sees education as one of the fundamental pillars of a developed society. We therefore consider the support of students not only important, but virtually necessary. Our partnership with the University of Economics has lasted for many years. And because we consider this university to be a long-standing guarantor of quality education, we decided to elevate our cooperation to the highest level and become its main partner.

“We appreciate this partnership very much. Although I am not a big fan of rankings, I am convinced that VŠE is one of the best economic universities in Central and Eastern Europe. Moreover, many of my colleagues from Grant Thornton and I went through our studies at the university ourselves, and some of us still visit its auditoriums, although we no longer sit in desks but stand at the blackboards. I therefore see our connection not as a relationship of convenience, but as a logical and natural partnership,” says Tomáš Brabenec, founding partner of Grant Thornton Czech Republic.

As part of our partnership with the University of Economics in Prague, we have long supported student activities and events held at the university. We have continued to share our knowledge and experience in teaching various subjects. As the main partner, we will deepen this support and add to it the active support of student associations.