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| September 27, 2020

Rely on Our Knowledge in a Coronavirus Pandemic

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We helped establish counselling centres in Prague and we are now participating in the analysis and design of various solutions to the current situation.

We have been on your side since the beginning of the pandemic. We provide free advice and help you obtain state support.

Since April 2020, together with several city districts in Prague, we helped entrepreneurs and self-employed persons through specially established counselling centres. We provided help in filling out an application and gave other follow-up recommendations. You can always contact us for assistance.

You can find the latest information on state support options on our website

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In the autumn, we joined the Centre Lives initiative. We are participating in the analysis and design of solutions together with other experts; you can find out more on the Centre Lives website.

Centre Lives is a newly created association of entrepreneurs operating in the centre of the capital designed to map the damage to tourism caused by the negative impact of the pandemic in co-operation with the city district of Prague 1 and to suggest solutions. With the involvement of economic and legal experts, we are trying to formulate requirements and conditions for assistance from the state and the city which could prevent the collapse of the economy in the centre of Prague. A number of companies outside the centre of the capital are directly or indirectly linked to this project. (Source: Centre Lives)

We analyse the effects of the pandemic and follow-up measures. Read an interview with our partner David Pirner.