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| January 5, 2023

We're in this together. Grant Thornton supports the Jizerska 50 race and the Champions Club

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We at Grant Thornton are used to the role of a consultant. Companies and entrepreneurs turn to us to help them get their business off the ground. But there are times when we also need advice on how to get things going. That moment comes at the Jizera 50 race. Well, no advisors are more competent than those, who have attended the famous race many times. Their perseverance has earned them membership in the elite group called the Champions Club, of which we are a proud partner.

 “Jizerska 50 is simply a tradition, a legend. I really like the atmosphere during the entire race weekend. How pro teams and the world!s best skiers intermingle with enthusiasts and absolute hobbyists. I appreciate the fact that we are part of the entire hustle and bustle and our support contributes to the professional organization of the whole event,” says Tomáš Brabenec, Partner at Grant Thornton. And in order not to stay only at material support, Tomáš Brabenec has decided to try the route, which members of the Champions Club have mastered so many times, himself as well.