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| January 5, 2017

E-sales month after its introduction and first controls by the Financial Administration

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There have been two system failures in e-sales during its first month, 13th and 31st December. In the first case, messages were returned from data boxes because of a technical issue and sales could not have been put in the record at all. The second time, there was a glitch in the registration part of the system (ADIS). Another small system failure happened 2nd February. Functionality of the system and response times are monitored by

Introduction of e-sales, which is supposed to prevent fiscal evasions, will first show in VAT for the month of December. The financial administration is already collecting information for planning of controls and workers from the Financial Administration and from the Customs Administration are already making control purchases. The controls will firstly be directed mainly on businesses that are not recording their sales at all, despite the fact that they are required to do so by law.