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Daniela Riegel | January 10, 2023

Data boxes will continue to be voluntary for ordinary citizens

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On 28 December 2022, an amendment to the Act on Electronic Acts and Authorised Conversion was published in the Collection of Laws under number 457/2022 Coll. As of 1 January 2023, data boxes will not be obligatory for ordinary citizens, who communicate with the state online via electronic identity, but only for entities listed in the register of persons. In the end, the Ministry of the Interior enforced that the establishment of a data box will remain voluntary for non-business citizens.

In the first three months of the new year, the Ministry of the Interior will set up approximately 2.2 million new data boxes under the Electronic Document Conversion Act. Approximately two million of them will be self-employed persons who have a tax ID, IČO (including self-employed persons with a suspended trade), another 200,000 data boxes will be set up for non-commercial legal entities. These are e.g. associations, associations of owners (SVJ) or foundations. However, this does not mean that these entities will have a data box as soon as 1 January 2023. The gradual establishment of new data points will take place from 1 January to 31 March 2023, when new users will gradually receive their login details. The data box will therefore be legally established for users by the Ministry of the Interior and they do not need to set it up themselves.

You can find more detailed information here.

Author: Daniela Riegel