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Services Strategy

Execution of a certain strategy has a long-term impact on business performance and overall functioning. Therefore, a properly thought-through strategic decision plays a key role in a lifespan of the company.


We focus on helping management teams with making more rigorous and quantifiable business decisions, whether it concerns growth strategy, planning, investments or disposals, or funding. From the initial insight in the current situation to implementation, our approach to formulating and testing hypothesis is based on precision. We assign a great deal of importance to qualitative and quantitative analyses which provide deeper understanding of the situation and a bridge to feasible recommendations.


Thanks to our experienced advisors in the Czech Republic, connection to the global Grant Thornton network, and cooperation with industry experts, we provide professional solutions for both local and foreign markets.


We help our clients to in the following areas:


Strategy development


  • Identify and quantify critical opportunities and risks
  • Develop alternative strategic options
  • Model and evaluate strategic across alternative scenarios
  • Formulate strategy
  • Create strategic tools


Commercial due diligence

Each project is customized to answering your key questions, which typically cover:


  • Addressable market size, key customer segments, growth prospects, demand drivers
  • Sustainability of the market position, what drives competitive advantage
  • Upside growth potential, e.g. adjacent products / markets
  • Identification of potential risks and issues, and evaluation if they are appropriately addressed


Grant Thornton also helps in the following areas of strategy: