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Services Design of IS and ICT architecture

A company chooses to create a completely new information system, when their business is so specific that it is not feasible to support its processes by one of standard information systems or by implementing minor modifications.


To be able to design new IS, it is necessary to have extensive knowledge of clients’ environment, mainly its global corporate strategy and all related processes, that should be supported by the new IS.


Project activities


  • Initial study - users, impacts on technology and IS architecture, gross definition of functionality and data, project budget, project schedule ...
  • Global analysis and design (conceptual level) - business analysis, definition of main functions and data, logical structure of data bases, logical application linkages to other applications, quality and safety requirements ...
  • Detailed analysis and design (technological level) - design of application modules, user interface, test method, migration process ...
  • Implementation (physical level) - testing of programmed parts, completion of documentation

• Deployment - installation support, user training, participation in trial operation