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Services ICT Process Strandardization and Resource Management

A process can be defined as a sequence of related activities which using appropriate resources and inputs generates specific outputs.


Processes in organization can be divided into:

  • Master processes - key organizational processes oriented towards the customer that generate major added value,
  • Support processes - functional support of key processes,
  • Control processes - processes that coordinate, manage, organize and plan.


In case of ineffectively set processes, company’s effectiveness is decreasing which means higher financial, time and personnel costs. Therefore, not only right set of processes is crucial, but their automatization too, which enables the increase of the corporate’s efficiency as well as its ability to achieve business goals.

Within projects focused on process standardization Grant Thornton Advisory implements the following activities:

  1. review of the initial situation (active processes, responsibilities, quantitative and qualitative comparison)
  2. design of processes and their descriptions as related to policy, procedures and detailed processes according to their importance,
  3. plan of implementation of selected process (pilot projects).