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Services Technology

 ICT is interconnected with all areas of company's life. It brings significant cost and time savings. However, when it is not set appropriately, it can cause  serious troubles, above all at restructuring and development of the company.

Grant Thornton approach to ICT management is based on the following principles:

  • Business-driven - Coordination of business and ICT strategy, organisation and business output development systems
  • Customer-driven - Insight on how ICT affects cooperation with your clients and key trade partners to support competitive advantage and continuous improvement
  • Adaptive - Flexibile and quick reaction to changing needs of business and strategy, application of new technologies and new business products
  • Pragmatic and fast - Suppor of key processes, assurance of all needed functions and increase in the quality of services that goes in hand with cost optimisation and risk management
  • Colaborative - Close cooperation with the client from the very beginning trhough management of technology adaptation to achievement of expected results