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Services Operational Excellence

Clockwork, a thin, light, and elegant piece of equipment that can be considered an example of perfection. WIih just a minimum maintenance, it works reliably and with no stopping.


Its pace is constant, its outputs precise and predictable These are also the characteristics that Grant Thornton aims to stick to when delivering work to a client, no matter if from an industrial company, healthcare or public sector.


Grant Thornton offers both strategic and operational solutions in the field of increasing performance, efficiency, and thus also competitiveness and market values of companies. The aim is not only to apply a ready-made general scheme, but to take into consideration specific conditions and background of each client.


Gant Thornton's strenght is a deep knowledge of processes accross vaious industries, and the ability to capture them in calculations of economic performance. A designed solution is usually integrated into functionality of client's information system.


Grant Thornton services cover the following areas:

  • Company strategies, reorganisations and business cases,
  • Process optimisation including implementation of process engineering methods,
  • Rules of operational and economic management and reporting,
  • Controlling models, calculation models, pricing, commercial reporting,
  • Assessment and responsibility models