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Services Project Management Office

Properly configured processes of project management are strategic management tool.



The purpose of any business activity is to maintain long-term competitiveness in domestic and international markets associated with maximum profit. Fulfilling the purpose of the function every organization is connected with increasing pressure on management at all levels, whether it is the growth of production efficiency, increase the quality of services and cost reduction. The traditional management style is not enough nowadays. Organizations are seeking for connectivity between traditional methods of management and horizontal management. The solution for many of these organizations is to build the project management office


The Decision

The project management office (PMO) represents an organizational unit that provides assistance, consultancy and expertise to all stakeholders involved in projects and projects programme. PMO supports owners and project managers directly. The aim of PMO is to ensure the success of the project and achieve the benefits for the organization. To ensure the successful operation of the project management office is necessary to make a number of fundamental decisions which include:

  • selection of appropriate project methodology
  • decision on the PMO inclusion into the organizational structure of the organization
  • allocation of responsibilities between line and project management
  • establishing rules for the sharing of resources between line managers and project managers
  • decision on project controlling and reporting

Our services

Grant Thornton services focus on the fulfillment of several key steps, without which the PMO will never be fully functional. These services include:

  • assistance in key decisions such as the selection of project methodology, decisions on the location of the PMO into the organizational structure, allocation of responsibilities, etc.
  • preparation of a comprehensive management methodology and preparation of training materials
  • organizational arrangements of PMO, including the proposal of FTEs
  • draft of necessary templates
  • training, assistance in pilot operation PMO and following the evaluation of pilot operation and methodology update

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