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Services Working Capital Management

Restructuring in its essence is type of corporate action taken when significantly modifying financial structure, operations or structure of a company in order to improve its position.




  • Financial management restructuring
  • Organisational structure and processes


Need for financial management restructuring is usually caused by significant changes or extensive growth of the organisation, which the company needs to deal with. The issues are often complex involving all areas of financial management (financial structure, working capital, cash flow, etc.) and related processes (budgeting, planning, controlling, reporting). The purpose of financial management restructuring involves redefinition of key processes that suit the business’s actual position and allow effective management of key finance areas, so the company operates effectively and potential finance issues are detected on time.


The GTA finance team first analyses current situation of the client and then proposes amendments to existing management structure or new set-up should the situation require that, as well as outlines next steps, including so called “quick wins” and structural changes. Then we offer methodological and implementation support for the realisation phase. These projects are long-term with focus on practical solutions; we consider them completed only once solutions are implemented and fully functioning.


Organisational restructuring is often part of complex corporate restructuring process. Organisational restructuring includes number of tasks such as definition of organisational structure, establishment of positions and responsibilities, as well as various processes within the organisation.


GTA team provides professional expertise related to determination of key business processes, most efficient set-up of these and design of the most suitable organisational structure given the specifics of each business, as well as corporate culture. We help our clients through the entire process from designing to implementation and fully operational establishment.