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Services Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting

Providing advisory services in the area of strategy and business cases support our clients in having on hand data, information and analysis to be able to take qualified strategic decisions.


Strategy and business cases


  • Strategy, mission, vision
  • Business cases, analysis and decision support (ROI, IRR)



Definition of strategy, along with company’s mission and vision, is key for establishing a road map to reach the business’s goals and targets, and succeed at today’s market. Defining “what are you doing” and “why” helps formulate clear business objectives, as well as communicate the business aim internally and externally. The strategy then reflects business aim, specific goals, time plan of key milestones and responsibilities.


GTA team has wide strategic advisory experience with clients from different sectors. The projects are usually undertaken in form of set of workshops with owners and management, where various topics are being discussed supported by relevant data and analysis. Based on the discussions, GTA experts can transform the results into structured conclusions and recommendations, preparing for the client easy-to-communicate strategy and plan to achieve the set goals.


Business cases, analysis and decision support includes financial calculations to allow the client to take a qualified decision on any specific investment or business opportunity. Projects within this area require detailed analysis of the proposed business case, its determinants and consequences, followed by financial modelling of base case scenario and alternative scenarios, and relevant investment ratios (IRR, ROI, etc).


The GTA team has extensive financial modelling skills, which enable us to prepare flexible models reflecting all specifics of the situation and are tailor-made to each client; we do not use any standardised templates that we would simply “feed up with data”. Our team then analyses the results and provides recommendation to our client. The client is then fully equipped to make qualified decisions.