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Services Managerial Accounting

Financial management professional advice is related to management of specific financial aspects of the business, i.e. “what to manage and how”.


Financial management services include the following services:


  • Cash flow management, cash pooling
  • Working capital management
  • Financial structure
  • Cost optimisation, costing
  • Pricing
  • Business plans



Cash flow management includes all aspects of management of liquid financial funds. These aspects start with planning individual components of cash flow, understanding expected downswings and upswings in cash balance, and taking qualified decision on need for financing or placement of free cash. Cash flow management includes also specifics such as cash pooling, which shall appeal to large group corporate structures and involves efficient cash management at group level.


Our consultancy consists of analysis of client’s historical cash flow, forecast of future cash flows in context with business plan, followed by recommendation for streamlining of the flows and recommendation how to address potential cash shortage or invest potential cash surplus.


Working capital management is a wide discipline, involving all its components, such as payables, receivables, inventories. Efficient management of working capital includes not only analysis of historical data, but also calculations of optimal level of these reflecting specifics of each particular business and optimisation of financing.


Our specialists can help you plan, optimize and finance, as well as continually manage your working capital by implementing various working capital management tools and processes necessary.


Financial structure optimization involves number of issues related to various sources of financing of company or group. This complex task is focused on establishing the most suitable financial structure as combination of equity, debt, and/or other types of financing such as mezzanine debt, quasi-equity, etc.


Our team has wide experience in analysis, calculation, establishment and assessment of advantages and risks of various financing structures. In addition, we offer our support for negotiations with banks and other capital providers in order to get the best terms for our clients.


Within cost optimization services we prepare and implement certain concepts and models for cost calculations. Such complex solutions include number of individual tasks (analysis of operating processes, performance norms, direct and indirect cost structure, intercompany transfer pricing), which then lead to definition of optimal costing, allowing the management of a company to take qualified decisions on cost-cutting, individual products costing, departments cost efficiency, performance evaluation, etc.


GTA team has number of reference projects from this area, working with clients for number of months on finding and implementing the best solutions for cost optimisation and management. We also possess number of years of practical experience in this area working on managerial positions in manufacturing sector firms.


Pricing strategy is the other side of the coin – calculation of the most suitable price for a product/ service. Pricing strategy shall reflect not only the cost structure of the product/ service, but also the actual market environment and competition.


Our specialists have developed number of tools to establish most suitable pricing model, reflecting all relevant factors affecting the price. We offer expertise and calculation model, assessment of key factors determining the price, testing and implementation of the pricing system.


Preparation of business plans requires complex approach, reflecting all aspects of the business or project itself, such as market analysis, overall strategy, organisational structure, sales and marketing strategy, followed by financial plan, including cost structure and pricing, cash flow and financing structure.


GTA team is ready to analyse the business or specific project and prepare full business plan including all required parts, or focus any of the listed topics separately. The finance team has primary focus on preparation of financial plans – flexible, complex, allowing modelling various scenarios and sensitivity testing, and enabling views from different perspectives.