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Services Accounting - Outsourcing


Accurate bookkeeping with an information value is essential for the management of a company. We are ready to take over the accounting system of our clients, including the collection and categorization of documents, the preparation and control of the basic bookkeeping entries and the record keeping and monthly reporting.

We tailor our services to meet specific requirements for the chart of accounts and required reports. We may prepare the report in local language as well as in English and German languages. We are also to set up a remote access and account for within your accounting system.


Annual Financial Statements and Consolidations

Grant Thronton prepares the annual financial statements in a timely manner as well as it prepares other required documents (tax returns, notifications to the Commercial Register, etc.) based on these statements. If desired, we are able to take over the consolidation process and to prepare the consolidated financial statements.

Our specialty is the reconciliation of local financial statements with a group’s reporting system (according to IFRS or US-GAAP) to obtain the information needed for the consolidated financial statements.



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