Payroll agenda

More and more companies keep outsourcing payroll, while expecting confidentiality, speed and accurate processing in compliance with all laws. Our team of very experienced payroll accountants can completely satisfy all these requirements. Grant Thornton CR has been doing payroll accounting since 1991. We process payroll and personnel agenda, using cutting edge technologies that allow us to adapt to the diversity and requirements of our clients. We provide different technical solutions for the electronisation of the entire HR process, such as automatic interconnection with your attendance system, communication via Portal or Sharepoint, etc. By working with Grant Thornton, you will get a reliable business partner that cares about your satisfaction and your company’s successful growth.

Monthly keeping and managing of payroll agenda

Calculation of gross and net wages and keeping of payroll records based on provided documentation, e.g. attendance records, sick notes, wage changes, bonuses); • Calculation of mandatory wage deductions (social security and health insurance), including al

Annual payroll agenda

Preparation of annual payroll settlement, confirmation of taxable income and pension insurance sheets for employees; • Preparation of the statement of withheld income taxes and the statement of taxes paid on income from employment; • Preparation of inform

HR agenda

Preparation of labour-law documentation templates (employment contracts, amendments, wage assessments, employment termination agreements, etc.) and review of provided documents; • Assistance in hiring new employees (filling out taxpayer declarations, as