Corporate income tax

Our goal is to correctly calculate your tax base and tax liability to minimise the risk of any potential additional tax assessed based on an audit performed by the tax office, while taking into account all legal options available to minimise tax liability.

The preparation of corporate income tax returns mainly consists of the following services.

We recommend discussing individual transactions with us regularly during the tax period in order to minimise any negative tax burden. It will also facilitate the preparation of your income tax return. Not everything can be handled with a positive outcome if you wait until your income tax return is being prepared.

Initial meeting

We meet with your employees or management to get an overall idea about the documents your company fills out.


We first review the areas that are crucial for your company’s tax liability before your company closes its accounting.


We verify the areas that are crucial for your company’s tax liability, which means that we randomly check the following: 1. Correct assessment of profit before tax for the purposes of line 10 of the corporate income tax return; 2. Correct elimination of


We calculate your tax liability based on your corporate income.

Final report

We prepare a final report – corporate income tax return preparation report – clarifying the most important areas.


Our tax advisor authorised based on the power of attorney puts together and fills out the correct corporate income tax return form.

Follow-up recommendations

We prepare recommendations for your company’s management that concern the most controversial issues and their potential solutions for the future.