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Grant Thornton is becoming a leader in the Czech market in the field of grants and evaluations, says Zbyněk Bolcek on the acquisition of Naviga Advisory & Evaluation

Zbyněk Bolcek | 4.1.2023 | News

Grant Thornton has acquired a majority stake in Naviga Advisory & Evaluation, which has 20 years of experience in grants and evaluations and is one of the leading Czech companies in the field.

“Our goal is to continuously improve the quality of our services and expand our portfolio. We are convinced that the combination with Naviga Advisory & Evalution will fulfil this ambition in the field of evaluation of public strategic programmes and grant consultancy,” says Zbyněk Bolcek, Partner at Grant Thornton. 

Grant Thornton is the fastest growing consulting company on the Czech market. Over 1,000 satisfied clients are using its services across all key areas of successful business. Its portfolio includes more than one half of the companies in the Czech TOP 100, which brings together the most important companies in the Czech Republic.  

“We are living in turbulent times. Established orders have been rapidly changing and success is reaped by those capable of quick adaptation. I believe that grant funding is one path to success. By strengthening our Advisory team, we will be able to be a reliable partner for our clients in the area of subsidies and thus minimize their burden associated with subsidy administration,” says Zbyněk Bolcek. 

Naviga Advisory & Evaluation relies on the professionalism and reliability of experts with many years of experience in the Czech Republic and abroad. It has prepared more than a hundred evaluations, analyses and strategies and successful projects, in which it has gained more than CZK 20 billion for its clients for their development. 

“We want to be the market leader in subsidy consulting for the private as well as the public sector. We want to strengthen our leading position in the field of socio-economic evaluation. We want to be a reliable and long-term partner to our clients. We believe that joining with a strong player such as Grant Thornton in the field of consulting will help us achieve even the most ambitious goals,” adds Miloš Blaškovan on behalf of Naviga Advisory & Evaluation. 

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