The world of technology, media and telecommunications never stands still. Current trends can be replaced by new innovations within just a few months. For businesses, this means they have to respond quickly to new challenges and always stay up to date.

This pace creates both threats and opportunities. The sector’s four key stimulating factors – competition, customers, deregulation and technological progress – force telecommunications companies to reorganize, reach out to customers with new services, expand onto new markets and improve their infrastructure.

On the opposite side, the world of technology, media and communications is extensively using scare resources which is bringing the need of the public control of their distribution. By its very nature the regulations of media and telecommunications is complex discipline coordinated on the global and strongly on the EU level. The regulatory agenda is posing strategic challenges both to the regulatory bodies to protect markets and consumers in the way which ensure their sustainable development, and to the regulated companies to justify their business goals in the regulatory environment.

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The media world is undergoing a paradigm shift. Established models are under attack by new ideas and technologies. Social networks and the Internet have redistributed advertising space, media outlets are forced to change their business strategies and their relationship to the customer. The emergence of new technologies is changing the way in which people consume media products.

Business models are changing thanks to financing being more readily available, mergers and acquisitions increasing, governments offering incentives to attract businesses to their countries and fierce competition for good people. For those who are agile enough to take advantage, growth is accelerated.

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