Transport industry: opportunities and problems in constant friction

The transport and logistics industry faces enormous challenges in Central, Eastern and Southeast Europe. However, since transportation is of a central importance for international relations, demand for the transport of goods and people continues to grow, and it is the task of public administration to establish the legal and economic framework for the provision of public transport services and for engagement in transport-related business activities.

From the company perspective, entities must be able to withstand increasing competitive pressure. Rising energy and freight prices, and thus, narrowing margins are current issues faced by businesses in the industry. Moreover, divergent and often confusing regulations regarding taxes, customs duties, and also different technical requirements in each state make operations complicated.

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Yet, the transport and logistics industry also carries an enormous potential for positive dynamic. New business lines, specializations and process optimization create opportunities for sustainable growth and higher earnings.

Grant Thornton works with key government organisations in order to find optimal forms of financing for developing and maintaining transportation infrastructure. We also participate in implementing effective management methods within the transportation sector. We work with important companies within the sector to implement projects aimed at optimising processes and identifying potential cost savings, and provide them with support when deciding on important investments. Grant Thornton is also a partner to municipal public transport companies, for whom it manages restructuring projects aimed at continuous improvements of service quality.

Main offered services to logistics firms are:

  • Change and Project management including advisory on EU grant financing
  • Sales model optimization and development
  • Transaction advisory
  • Corporate finance solutions including financial modelling