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Ivan Fučík Partner Prague - Tax & Accounting

Ivan Fučík is a tax adviser, auditor and executive of Fučík & partneři, s.r.o. Since 1989 he has been working in the area of consultancy, and he specializes in international tax consultancy and preparation of tax structures. Besides that he also focuses on the application of double taxation avoidance agreements, tax and accounting aspects of business combinations and transfer prices issues. He graduated from the University of Economics in Prague and has gained several years of experience at consultancy companies operating within the so-called "Big Five" in the Czech Republic and abroad. In 1994 he went into business and set up his own company. He managed the company for twenty years and gradually enlarged the company from two workers to almost sixty employees. His vision is to help other entrepreneurs achieve their goals and to contribute in that way to building up welfare, happiness and harmony in the society. His motto is: "Stop loving the fruits of your work, start loving your work and the fruits will come!"

He is a member of the Corporate Taxation Section of the Chamber of Tax Advisers. He specializes in international tax planning and the application of avoidance of double taxation agreements, and transfer prices issues.

Ivan speaks German, English and Russian.

He is the author of a book named Daňové aspekty podnikání v koncernu (Tax Aspects of Conducting Business in a Concern) and more than a hundred articles and publications.

"Happiness, well-being and harmony in society can be achieved through cooperation, not through competitiveness."